Summer Camp

What is Day Camp?

Cub Scout Day Camp is often called “the camp that comes to the boy.” Day Camp is an organized four day program for Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts under certified leadership, at an approved site, during daylight and/or twilight hours. The fifth day is a family day. What is offered is a high-quality program brought to you by many dedicated volunteers at a reasonable cost! Day Camps are conducted in accordance with established standards as given in the National Standards for Cub Scout Day Camps. 


Cub Scout Day Camp will be one of the most memorable experiences for you and your son to share.  At Day Camp, Cub Scouts have the opportunity to learn new skills, enhance old ones and work towards rank requirements, but most of all, to have LOTS of FUN!!  In keeping with the purpose of Scouting, the camp program has been designed to promote character development, citizenship training, and both mental and physical development. 

Who Can Attend?

Every Cub Scout and Webelos who is a member of Rainbow Council ages 6 through 11 or entering Grades 1 through 5 is eligible.  Your son can look forward to days packed with things boys love to do. 

Adults join in…Fun is to be had

Adult walkers can join their Scouts on all these adventures! Be sure to sign up and help your Scouts search, discover and share! Adult walkers from your unit also help to provide supervision and guidance. Each Tiger Cub (first graders) must be accompanied by an adult or guardian every day; Wolf, Bear and Webelo Scouts mush have two adult walkers (at least 18 years of age) per every ten Scouts.   If your son is attending day camp, we ask that one of the parents or gaurdians attend at least one of the days.  

When is it?

  • Session I (June 10-13, 9:00am – 3:30pm): Bolingbrook Village Hall (375 West Briarcliff Rd, Bolingbrook) 
  • Session II (June 17-20, 9:00am – 3:30pm): Francis Field in New Lenox (521 E. Francis Rd, New Lenox) 
  • Session III (June 24-27, 3:00pm – 9:00pm): Whispering Willows Park (1451 North 4000 East Rd, Kankakee)
  • Session IV (July 8-11, 9:00am – 3:30pm): Hope Lutheran, Shorewood (305 E. Black Rd, Shorewood) 
  • Session V (July 15-18, 3:00pm – 9:00pm): Rainbow Reservation, Morris (2600 N. Winterbottom Rd, Morris)


It is advised that we pick a session and attend it as a pack.  This would be helpful since we can combine adult efforts for providing leadership for the boys.  However, if you can not attend the session we pick, you can attend another session with your child.


Camp Program

This year's Day Camp theme will be Wild Wild West.  The program will include some traditional favorites as well as some newly offered activities.  The program offered at each Camp is slightly different. Contact your Pack Coordinator for specific information.    

Some program areas that might be offered include, but are not limited to, fishing, woodworking, crafts, scout skills, sports, outdoor cooking, and games.  Every camp will include shooting sports.  Our Shooting Sports programs first teach the Scout safety, skills and responsibility, then allow them the opportunity to practice what they have learned.  Our Shooting Sports programs are taught by BSA trained instructors and are some of the Scout’s favorite program areas.    

Activities are age appropriate, so Tigers & Wolves will have a great time participating in activities aimed at their rank, while Bears & Webelos Scouts will be offered some more advanced programs in order to challenge them. 


Sibling Corral

There may be a Sibling areas area set up for the children of Day Walkers and Staff on the days that they attend camp. Children ages 3 – 14 not eligible for Cub Scouts may attend for a cost of $10 that will now include a t-shirt.  Children attending Sibling areas MUST BE POTTY TRAINED. CHILDREN WITH DIAPERS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED INTO THE CAMP.  Older children in the Sibling areas may be asked to assist with the younger children.  This will be coordinated between the Sibling areas Director and the Camp Director.  Sibling areas payment must be sent in with the registration form for the child. Children attending the Sibling areas WILL NOT be allowed to accompany their parents during the day. Tots must be checked in and out via the Sibling areas Director or the Camp Director at the beginning & end of day, and for lunch. Since the parent will be in camp, no alternate pick up person is allowed for children in the Sibling areas.


The fee structure has been reworked to allow better use of the funds for the boys.  This year there is a discount being offered for boys who pre-register.  Day Camp price:   

  • Day Camp is $80, due with complete registration packet to Rainbow Council by May 10, 2013 for sessions I-III.  June 14, 2013 for sessions IV-V
  • Late Fee:  {after June 15, 2013 deadline} Paid in full of $95 is to be submitted no later than 7 days prior to camp.

All fees need to be paid to our Pack, the council will only accept a Pack check.


  • April 12th - We need to notify the council who is anticipating to attend camp
  • May 5th - Final Pack Registration form with $80 per scout Session I-III 
  • June 9th - Final Pack Registration form with $80 per scout Session I-III 
  • Post May 14, 2013/June 14, 2013 - Late registrations with $95 fee  
  • Newly registered Scouts will be charged the Day Camp fee of $80 after April 14th  2013 


Financial Assistance (Camperships)

No scout will be denied the opportunity to go to camp.  Financial assistance is available to help those in need for a portion of the camp.  Contact your Pack Committee or Day Camp Coordinator for information.  Campership request forms must be submitted to the council no later than March 29, 2013.  That form has been included in this guide for your convenience. 


Everyone that attends camp: Scouts, adults, volunteers, siblings need to have a registration form and a medical form.


More information

Click here to download the Parents Guide.  

Pack 464's camp coordinator is Kevin Kantorski.

We will have more information at an upcoming meeting.