Uniforms Patch Placement

Here is a helpful page that talks about patch placement on the uniforms. 

Tigers, Wolves and Bear scouts should wear a blue shirt. 



Webelos scouts can either wear the blue shirt or the tan shirt that Boy Scouts wear.


Event and Activities Patches

One of the question you may have is "what do I do with all these event patches"?

In scouts you will receive a lot of "extra" patches that are not part of the normal uniform. A cub scout wears his Tiger Totem or the Cub Scout Recognition Kit (Wolf & Bear) on the right pocket. 

A cub scout can also wear one "temporary insignia patch" on his right pocket. This has to be an official BSA patch from Scout Fest, Claw, The Big Event or Faith patch aka "Duty to God". These are usually a Council or District ran events.

Other patches such as those earned by selling Popcorn via Trails End or Scout night patches are non BSA and should not be worn on the uniform. So what do you do with all those patches? 

Most scouts will buy a red vest sold at the scout shop to place extra patches on. The other thought is a patch blanket. As your scout grows he will be doing a lot of camping. What better way for him to remember all that he has accomplished than to sleep under a blanket full of memories. Another idea is to start a scrapbook to place not only all the patches in, but ticket stubs, brochures and also pictures of all his adventures. See details below for ideas.


Official Red Scout Vest aka Brag Vest

All other patches are to be sewn onto a red patch vest or blanket. This includes all Camporee, Day Camp, sporting events, derbies, pack outing, hiking, council sponsored event patches. The Varsity ā€œCā€ letter can also be placed on the vest ā€“ academic and sports pins can be placed or pinned. Medals from derbies can also be pinned to the vest.

The Red Scout Vest runs $15 (patches not included).  Also available in adult sizes



Official BSA Red Patch Blanket aka Memory Blanket

Same as a vest, only this serves and added purpose when your scout goes to resident camp or becomes a boy scout and starts camping on his own. He will have the warmth of a blanket and the memories of scouting's past. You can purchase a BSA scout blank from your local or online scout store or you can create your own. The BSA Red Patch Blanket runs just under $21 (patches not included).



Offical Cub Scout Scrapbook

Your local or online scout store sells various varieties of scout scrapbooks and papers to get you started. Another alternative is to purchase a 3 ring binder. We suggest a clear view binder so you can personalize the front and spine of the scrapbook. The possibilities are endless with this idea.  You can make yours as unique as you want. Add patches, pictures, ticket stubs from sporting events venues. Just be sure to get a binder big enough to hold all those patches! No two scrapbooks will be the same. The Cub Scout Scrapbook pictured runs just under $30 and specialty papers run .49 cents.



3-Ring Binder Collection

Your local or online scout store sells 3-ring binder inserts that can be used to organize patches.  Patch collecting and trade is a great hobby for many scouts.