New pack meeting date & location

08/01/2013 00:00

The parents at the May planning meeting discussed moving the meetings to the first friday of the month.  This avoids the random rescheduled meetings in the months of November, December, March & May due to Holidays.   The only conflict is January, since the first first, the school will not be open.  We will either move that meeting date or location.

We also looked at the roster of scouts at the time and realized we had 60% of our scouts in the Walnut Trails and Jones schools, 25% attended Channahon schools, and 15% attended Aux Sable. We also discussed the number of meetings and events where we were left out in the cold, waiting outside for a staff person to arrive to open a door for us to gain access.

Working with the other pack in Minooka (Pack 461), and our quality unit coordinator from Rainbow Scout Council, we thought we would serve the scouts of Minooka and its school district better by relocating our meeting locations.  We asked our chartering organization, the Minooka Lyons Club for approval of moving the meetings to the Walnut Trails school.  This week, we heard from the principal at that school, we should not have an issues for any of the dates we requested.

Pack 464 now meets, the 1st Friday of the month, at Walnut Trails Elementary School, 301 Wynstone Drive, Shorewood, IL  60404


Pack 461 meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month, at Minooka Elementary School, 400 Coady Drive, Minooka,  IL 60447